Research and Development

Searching for safe and environmentally-friendly compounds

Tokorozawa Office
Tokorozawa RL

AGRO-KANESHO pursues its own synthesis of novel compounds for agricultural use in spite of the high costs and many years of development required to bring a new molecule into commercial production. Since agrochemicals generally are biologically active, we carefully select molecules that are safe for non-target organisms and reduce the burden on the environment.
The Company also looks at the importance of formulation technology to bring out not only high performance of an active ingredient but also products that can be used safely by our customers. Our formulation laboratory strives continuously to develop optimal products, taking into the account local cultural practices and needs of our customers.
AGRO-KANESHO performs biological evaluation of compounds that take into consideration of the changes in agriculture and growers' needs, especially in horticultural fields such as fruit orchards, vegetables and ornamentals. We are able to identify product candidates uniquely focused to meet grower needs by applying our deep market intelligence developed through our daily contact with our customers.
AGRO-KANESHO welcomes the opportunity to evaluate compounds supplied by third parties.

Development, Meet the NEEDS

AGRO-KANESHO's focus on supporting agriculture is the foundation for development of new agrochemicals and improvement of existing formulations. Not all of the projects are economically feasible using this approach, but we accept the risk of limited market size. Our experience proves that this philosophy is the most definite and powerful way to obtain support from our customers and ultimately to achieve success in the business as a whole. In order to realize the farmer-oriented philosophy, the Company identifies developing products through information and ideas gathered from our competent chemists, biologists, field staff as well as the registration team. Our registration activity extends to registration issues in various countries outside Japan including USA and EU.

Reliable Partner in Japan

AGRO-KANESHO is keen to enrich its portfolio for the domestic market to offer growers different solutions through acquisition of existing and new molecules from other companies. We are confident we can maximize sales of their products through our strong market intelligence, field development, registration competencies and ultimately technique-oriented sales activities which do not rely on Zen-Noh distribution.